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How do we get started?
An initial Meet ‘n Greet consultation is required for new clients before the first pet sitting visit or if an existing client has a new addition to the family. The Meet ‘n Greet usually takes a minimum of 30 minutes. During the consultation, you have the opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about Purrs ‘n Woofs and the services we provide. We will complete all the necessary paperwork, collect house keys, and take a tour of the house. Even more importantly, the Meet ‘n Greet allows your pet(s) to become familiar with their new pet sitter! Please plan for the Meet ‘n Greet to take place at least a week before the first scheduled pet sitting visit.

What happens during a visit?
•    Playtime/Exercise/Walk
•    Fresh water
•    Feeding, as instructed
•    Treats, if allowed!
•    Litter box scooping
•    Mail/Newspaper brought inside
•    Lights/Blinds adjusted
•    Security check
•    Garbage removed, as necessary
•    Plants watered
•    Radio/TV on or off, as instructed
•    Detailed visit log
•    Plenty of TLC!

What are the costs for the visits? (Visit lengths are continuous, not divisible.)

multi-pet sitting visit service in Jacksonville, FL
Extended Sit

60 minutes $25
The Extended Sit offers ample one-on-one time and TLC, especially for those pets that are not accustomed to having their humans away from home.


multiple pet sitting service in Jacksonville, FL
Long Sit

45 minutes $21
This is a great option for homes with multiple pets, pets that require a longer playtime, or pets that have special needs.


house hold pet sitting in Jacksonville
Standard Sit

30 minutes $17
The Standard Sit works well for most households. It allows plenty of quality time with your pets as well as the basic household services.


pet sitting service in Jacksonville, FL
Short Sit

15 minutes $13
This is a great option for a potty break, a quick walk around the block, or just a few extra minutes of TLC!